Tile Floor Medallions

Waterjet Wonders offers many varieties of custom tile floor and wall decor. Using precision CNC controlled waterjet machines, we carefully craft and customize each piece. Browse through the various categories below to find the design of your choice. You can use the individual colorizer to perfectly craft the design into your perfect work of art. If you prefer, call one of our experienced designers for help.


Premier Series – Our Premier floor medallions at Waterjet Wonders give a smooth and sleek look to any home, office or hotel entry way. These beautiful and durable tile mosaics come in a thickness of 3/8 inch to give you a gorgeous and long lasting art piece in your home. These classy medallions compliment most traditional decor and add a superior aura to your flooring.

Classic Series – Elaborate Floor medallions designed to reduce production costs which are passed down to the consumer. Beautiful pieces to stand alone or complement our Premier Series Floor medallion .

Designer Series – Our Designer series add a spruce in your home, office or hotel interior design. These gorgeous art pieces tie in a traditional or contemporary motif, breaking apart hard lines with its soft edges. We offer all of our floor medallions in a durable, yet sleek thickness of 3/8 inch, so you know you’re getting great value in your purchase from Waterjet Wonders. With a glass or marble tiles, you’re sure to add a beautiful conversation piece for guests to admire.

Tile Rugs – Our Tile Rug floor medallions make a beautiful hallways and kitchen backsplashes. All of our pre-made and custom designs are made with stone 3/8 inch thick for a durable addition to your kitchen wall. Adding a medallion backsplash above your stove or counters protects the walls from grease stains and steam damage, all while sprucing up your kitchen with a classic, yet chic design.

Tile Murals – These exquisitely designed and manufactured works of art will enhance any decor.

Tile Borders – Tile Borders fabricated to your size and stone selections. The perfect compliment to any room or medallion.

Patterned Tiles – Patterned tiles are produced from stone, porcelain, metal or glass that you select with the aid of our online colorizers. Compliment your existing floor medallion.There are hundreds of geometric patterns we can choose from. Let’s mix some materials!