Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I receive my order?

All of our products are made to order and therefore can take 4-6 weeks for fabrication. We do have a limited amount of pre made stock items that can ship within 1-3 days. These are available on the ‘Pre-Made’ pages. Waterjet Wonders uses precise CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines to cut each individual piece. The designs are all generated by us using our knowledge/experience in the floor-wall hard surface industry. We modify these designs from time to time to incorporate advances in material, technology or processes that allow us to better manufacture them as promised.  Custom designed medallions will have a longer lead time based upon the size and complexity of the design.

What sizes do your medallions and borders come in?

Our borders (Listellos) come in various sizes depending on the design: 4″ x 12″, 4.5″ x 12″, 6″ x 12″, 8×12, 12×12 etc.

Designer Series medallions are made in 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″, 84”, 96”, 108”, 120”, 132”, 144” and larger.

Classic Series medallions are made in 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″, 84”, 96”, 108”, 120”, 132”, 144” and larger.

Premier Series medallions are made in 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″, 84”, 96”, 108”, 120”, 132”, 144” and larger.

We can also create custom sizes. Contact us at for more information.

How much do your medallions cost?

Pricing is based on the size, the material (standard or specialty stone), and complexity of design: Designer, Classic, or Premier series. Even though on-line shopping has made it easier for the consumer to purchase items, it eliminates personal customer service-which you, as the consumer, rightfully deserve for products such as those we offer. We enjoy speaking with you directly about the specifics of the medallion, border or mural you are looking for (size, shape, color, etc.). We may make suggestions on material choices that will fit your application and cost targets.

I can find the same thing cheaper from China

We only use high quality materials in our medallions. Each medallion is custom made for you by our experienced team.

Are your Medallion veneers laminated on a metal backer?

No, the materials we use in our products are 3/8″ thick solid stone. We do not laminate backing to veneers (as in laminated counter tops). Along with a multitude of dissimilar material issues, metal backed medallions may crack over time, arrive bowed and do not adhere well with traditional adhesives. Click here to view a medallion cross section.

I am interested in a Medallion, can I ship you my tile for the surround?

Certainly! Just provide us with your grout joint size. Once you have placed your order we can tell you how many tiles we would need for your medallion surround. If you would like us to provide the surround tiles, we can do that too. These are examples of Minturno surround square on point and Monterossa surround oval.

How do I install your medallions?

Our medallions install as you would any other tile. No special tools or setting materials are necessary. An install guide is included with every product we ship. Please use whatever techniques and/or materials you may have experience with or are available in your area. Here is a good link detailing an install of our Orion II medallion.

What are your medallions made from?

Our products are made from the highest quality natural stone, glass, metal and porcelain tiles available.

Can I choose my own stone colors?

Of course! We will make your product based on your choices. We specialize in natural stone and offer glass, metal and porcelain. Using our colorizer page for each design, you may select colors to fit your needs.

How do your products differ from the competition?

  • Waterjet Wonders has been located in Colorado, USA since 2001. We take pride in our work and that pride is reflected in every product that leaves our facility. We design all the products and use CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine precision waterjet cutting machines to cut products. Our grout lines are typically less than 1/32″. We use only the highest quality products in the production of your medallion. These factors reflect greatly in the products we ship. Side by side our product is a better quality and looks better than the copies.
  • We have the largest inventory of product selections in the industry. A great variety of available standard sizes. Many inlays are available in stock for immediate delivery.
  • We have a skilled team of designers and engineers to meet any challenge. Our expertise allows us to successfully design and produce unique and beautiful floors around the globe.
  • After receipt of your medallion you will recognize the quality. Your cost for this quality is competitively low.

Where are your products made?

Here at our facility in Windsor, Colorado. We do NOT order items from foreign countries and pass them off as made in USA. We pride ourselves in high quality regardless of size of order.

Are your medallions mosaics?

Our medallions are designed and fabricated with modern contemporary materials and tools only developed within the last 20 years or so. Mosaics of this quality were rare in the past, requiring years of skilled craftsman work to produce individual pieces of art. Today’s mosaics are both high quality waterjet products (such as ours) and Traditional old school pieces consisting of small chips. Example of tile medallion and mosaic medallion.

I heard wood veneer medallions are prone to splitting. Can I mount your medallions in my wood floor?

Our medallions look great in wood floors. They will never split, dry-out, lose color, bow, bend, warp, and are extremely wear resistant. Here is a nice example of one of our medallions installed in a wood floor. Click here for installation help with wood floors.

Can you do custom designs?

Absolutely! We need to know the size of the medallion, mural or border. We would also need to have a picture of what you would like. It can be a sketch, photo, or almost anything. We have even taken designs from handmade quilted tissue boxes before. Custom does not mean copy, all of our designs are copyrighted and therefore we respect others copyrights.  Click here to see a custom design from Aztec records.

What is your return policy?

We want you to love your Waterjet product. We guarantee your product will arrive safely and insured during shipping.

Instock items may be returned for exchange within 7 days of receipt. Item must be in its original packaging and in perfect, unused condition. Please notify us by phone or email before the return. The client is responsible for returning the item pre-paid and insured. Returns lost in return shipping will not be exchanged. Credit issued will not include original shipping and insurance/Credit card charges. We reserve the right to not accept a return and may require a re-stocking or repair fee if the item has been at all damaged.

Made to order items are final sales and cannot be returned or exchanged. No refunds on deposits for custom orders. All credit card fees and all material costs, or labor, associated with a change order are non-refundable.

While our policies are firm for obvious reasons, we will do everything we can to work with you and make sure your experience with us is positive.

Do you have 2nds for cheap?

No, if you need an immediate ship product we keep a limited stock of popular designs, sizes and stone selections in stock. They are in perfect condition for last minute additions. These are available on the Pre-Made pages.

What kind of sealer do you use on your medallions?

All sealers are created differently.  In general, you should seal your product when you seal the rest of the project but always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the product you are using.  We recommend DuPont Stonetech BulletProof Sealer.

Can I visit your facility?

Of course! We are located at 565 Logistics Dr in Windsor, Colorado. We have a beautiful showroom that is open 9:00-4:30 M-F and Saturday available by appointment. Please call ahead 970-674-1070 and we’ll make sure the right person is there for your project.