Installation Guidelines

Suggested guidelines for installation and maintenance of medallions, murals and borders

Storage of medallion:  Leave medallion in crate until ready for installation.  Medallions can be picked up in the flat or horizontal position but should be carried upright or vertical position when moving (like glass or drywall).   The medallion can be turned flat again for installation.  Never turn medallion or murals face down.  Always keep face up. Always install medallion first prior to installing the surrounding tile.

  1. Setting materials.  Use a latex additive to insure adhesion if there is no latex in the setting mortar. Make sure that entire area is generously covered with setting mortar where the medallion will be placed.  No empty spaces.  3/8” square notched trowel is most commonly used. Use medium or large format tile setting mortar. Mortar should be on dry side so that it will not shrink or flatten out as it cures.
  2. 48 inch medallion must be handled by no less than 2 people.
  3. Wrap medallion 2 places with 2” clear packing tape. Go twice around and leave loose enough on front to put hands underneath. These 2 tape handles will aid in lift up if medallion is too high or low after putting in hole.
  4.  After medallion is in place, carefully cut tape below medallion edge so it will not protrude after chalking around perimeter.

Medallions delivered in sections; (medallions or murals larger than 48”), sections are meant to be a snug fit with no grout line between sections.  If the medallion has any banding or wedges on the outer circle, there will be a slight grout line such as in the medallion, approx. 1/32”.

Grout:  For medallions shipped in sections, the following are epoxy grout color matches for between sections.

  1. Ivory- **Laticrete:  Almond              Mapei: Biscuit           Custom: Bone
  2. Gray- **Laticrete:  Silver Shadow  Mapei: Warm Grey   Custom: Platinum
  3. Mocha**Laticrete: Sand Beige       Mapei: Camel           Custom: Camel


Medallion in wood: use a 1/8” grout line around the medallion.  Circle, oval, square or rectangle should be ¼” larger than diameter of medallion.  Example.  48” medallion using 1/8” grout line will mean the diameter or space should be 48 ¼”.  Use a latex caulk in the 1/8” grout line to allow the wood to expand and contract.

Template: Use the medallion as the template.  Draw a line around the medallion and use this line as your cut line.  This can be done by installing all of the tile or wood first and lay medallion on top as the template, or install the tile or wood long into the area.  Use the medallion as the template and cut out remaining wood or tile that was installed.  Be careful to avoid nails when cutting out wood.  Use a bearing bit in a plunge router when cutting wood flooring.  Best to make two passes in the wood not trying to cut ¾” depth all at once.

Sealers.  Natural stone sealer should be applied after installation.  Choose a sealer that fits your situation and follow manufacturers instructions.  Most sealers are applied every 6 months to one year.

Cleaning.  Use cleaners specified for natural stone.  Do not use any disinfectants that are not specified for use on natural stone.  There are cleaners and disinfectants for natural stone in most hardware stores or stores where you have purchased your medallion.